Frequently Asked Questions
  • Who are THB UK Risk Solutions?

    We are the UK operation of THB Group, one of the UK’s largest International wholesale brokers. This business focuses on providing solutions for UK Retail Broker clients.

  • Is THB UK Risk Solutions Independent?

    Yes, we are 100% privately owned and hugely value our independence. This allows us to think long term on behalf of our client, rather than focus purely on our own short term financial results.

  • Does THB UK Risk Solutions have a Retail operation to compete with my own?

    No we don’t. Our expertise lies in providing wholesale solutions to our retail broker clients. We believe having a retail operation conflicts with our clients interests. This is against our Group principles of putting our clients at the forefront of everything we do.

  • Who are AmWINS?

    AmWINS are our parent company and the largest wholesale broker in the US, placing over $17 billon of premium in 2018. Our business is owned by staff and private investors giving our clients comfort that THB UK Risk Solutions is a partner for the long term.

  • Do you access just the Lloyd’s market?

    Whilst we are a major contributor to the Lloyd’s marketplace we have strong relationships across the UK and international marketplace providing access to many carriers our retail broking clients are unable to access.


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