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Stephanie Blair
Senior Account Handler
8th April 2019

THB is pleased to announce the launch of two new products for our key broker partners. THB’s Commercial business has launched an innovative stand-alone Flood only product. Working in partnership with FloodFlash Ltd, this parametric ‘event’ based cover allows flood coverage to be provided for individual properties in high risk flood zones. Using a water height sensor provided when cover is purchased, the insured can select at what height cover is effective and a sum insured on a sliding scale to meet their needs and existing flood protections.

Stephanie Blair, Commercial Account Handler at THB stated ‘ The beauty of this simple product, as well as providing cover which may not be available with traditional insurers, is that if the sensor is activated by flooding then the sum insured is automatically paid in full. The client doesn’t have to wait weeks for adjusters to visit the premises but receives settlement quickly at a time when their business most needs it to protect their cash flow.’

In addition THB’s Professional Risk team has launched a contingent product to protect financial institutions against mortgage defaults. This is effectively a contingent property policy that protects a lender if a borrower defaults and has failed to meet the requirement to insure and maintain building cover on the property.

Sarah Brailey, Head of Professional Risks at THB states ‘We have designed our Mortgage Contingency product to fit a wide range of lending operations, allowing Lenders to choose which mortgage type best fits their current practice, as well as illustrating potential savings that may be made to operational costs by the purchase of insurance.  Pricing is reflective of the contingent nature of the risk, in that the settlement of a single claim can easily cover any premium charged.’

For more detail of these products please contact Stephanie Blair or Sarah Brailey or visit